KitchenFalling in love with a property is easy to do. It could be the newly refurbished kitchen, the big backyard or the pool you’ve always wanted that gets your heart beating. But you want to make sure that love at first sight turns into a happy life-long relationship. If you’re susceptible to falling blindly in love, then consider these tips when you go house hunting.

Be early
When you inspect the property for the first time, get there early and allow yourself at least 15 minutes; this is not something you want to rush.

Take a checklist

To avoid getting caught up in the excitement of the home open, take a list of all your deal-breakers and the items you need to check for. If the property seems to tick all the boxes, arrange to see it again, on a different day at a different time. Visit the homes as many times as you need to.

What should you look for at an inspection?

While it seems obvious, ensure the property has enough bedrooms and living areas to suit your needs now and in the future. One living space might be enough now while the children are small, but later you could need a separate TV room for the kids.

This also goes for the outside areas of the property – is the yard big enough, are the fences adequate for your dog, how would the property respond in a bushfire? This last one is important for Hills homes; find out if your prospective home is bushfire ready.

The orientation of the property to the sun is an important consideration in Western Australia. Look for true north and work out where the sun will hit for the majority of the day so you can determine what areas of the house will be hottest in summer and warmest in winter.

You want to avoid purchasing a property that isn’t structurally sound. Look for cracks and watermarks on walls or ceilings; they are tell-tale signs of bigger issues. While older properties may have some small cracks due to wear and tear, it’s major structural issues you should be mindful of.

We strongly recommend using the help of professionals to carry out a termite inspection and a building inspection. People specially trained in these areas can identify issues you might not notice. Your real estate agent can help select reputable suppliers to carry out these inspections.

Taking the time to assess the property can ensure you avoid a broken heart down the track.